one year after surgery


You have a special place Dear Lord that I know you'll always keep

A special place reserved for dogs when they quietly fall asleep

With large and airy kennels and a yard for hiding bones

With maybe a little babbling creek that chatters over stones.

With wide green fields and flowers for those who never knew about running freely under

Your sky of perfect blue. Lord,I know You keep this Special Place and so to you I Pray, for one Special Cavalier Who quietly died today

She was full of strength & love and so very, very wise.

The puppy look she once had had long since left her eyes.

She is dearly missed my Lord by her Mom & Dad.

She went to join her family in Your land that is Devine

So, speak to Abbey softly please and give her a warm hello.

She's a Special gift to you Dear Lord from her Mommy & Daddy, who loved her so.

Run free sweet Abbey.

Abbey 1/24/2004 - 1/3/2012

Oh my sweet Abbey. You are with the angels and finally free of this awful disease. I will miss you sooooooo much and I am at a loss as to what to do right now. I love you so much but I know we did the right thing today.

RIP and I thank god he brought you to us.

I love you so much.


Not doing well--Any of Us - December 29,2011

It's been a very long time since I updated and unfortunately this is not a good
one. It is now almost 3 years since finally figuring out what Abbey had/has. She
was doing relatively good until this past year and has been declining. We are
now seriously talking abou putting her down. I've never had to put an animal down in my life.
Thank you dear lord they have always gone on their own. I'm looking at Abbey in a
different way now---she is having such a very hard time getting around--she
slips and slides all over the place and falls. Her eyes just don't have the
"sparkle" they used to. I think she's plain tired of dealing with this disease.
George and I talked alot last night and shed many many tears and also saw
another neurologist 3 weeks ago and was told we were doing all that she would
have us do and saw our vet yesterday and he agreed with me about her quality of
life. My emotions are so up and down right now. One minute I'm ready to make the
appt. and the next minute I say no. George feels we need to give it a couple
more weeks to give the increase in prednisone and omeprazole a chance. I can't
hardly look at her right now without sobbing so I know it won't be long. If
you've read our story you know how much we do love her and how this is killing
me. I will post when we finally make the decision.

One Year after Surgery

Hard to believe that its been a year. Time flies. She is doing well and is a very happy dog. She was having some scractching episodes about a month ago and we were quite concerned. She has never been symptom free since the surgery and we never believed she would be--we hoped though. I felt she was having some distress so we took her off the temaril and she is now on prednisone which seems to be doing the trick. I have only seen her scratch a couple times in the past 6 weeks or so. The change has been quite visible. She is hungry though and I guess steroids do that to you. We are still happy that we did the surgery as our goal was for her not to get worse and we have accomplished that goal 100% and more as she is definitely better than a year ago. Any questions, please e-mail me and I will get back to you quickly. I still get e-mails and sometimes people call me as they are worried and I sure understand what its like to go down this road.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 4--Going back now to try to piece together which is hard because I am writing this one week after. I have posted at another site and trying to find things that I wrote. I'm going to do a copy and paste from what I posted at a site on Day 4:

Abbey is doing well and both George and I also. I am probably the best I have been since this whole nightmare started --being coming on this board and reading about sm and then knowing in my heart she had it and waiting for mri and then surgery etc. She hasn't had a seizure since thursday night--well really friday am barely as it was at about 12:15 a.m. if I remember right. Now we agree with the Dr. that it was probably stress related. She has never ever been kenneled or away with a stranger and that along with everything else was pretty traumatic for her. Remember these guys are like little 2 year olds. She sleeps most of the time as she's on alot of drugs. She had yeast and cocci in ears and so is on micronazole for that, sulfa trim for uti, tramadol, gabapentin and omeprazole. I haven't hardly left her since her coming home. Maybe a total of a hour. I haven't even been dressed since thursday night. I will have some time this weekend as hubby will be home and can take turns etc. I need to get in the office before monday. Anyways, for those of you that are reading this because your dog is going through this that so far its ALOT easier than I thought. Sure she has the long stitches in her head etc. but she's not in pain at all. She drinks--not eating much but today going to make some chix and try mixing it with wet food to get her to eat and if that doesn't work then chix and rice. She is getting a little food with all the pills we give her. She is very comfortable sitting in my lap and very content and never once has she looked at me with the look of omg what did you do to me. I truly believe she knows we are doing everything in our power to help her and I do KNOW that she knows how much she is loved. Heck we've turned our house upside down for this and I'm sleeping on the floor so she can see me etc. Is she worth it. You bet your booties she is.

another post I wrote that day:

Latest update--Abbey hasn't really eaten anything today--didn't even want to eat the roast beef that we had the pills concealed in with cream cheese etc. The last pills almost had to force them down her. Now worried what we are going to do tonight. Sure hate to force them but with her spitting this stuff out especially the liquid gabapentin you don't know how much she got etc. She's not really drinking either. Did first thing this a.m. and nothing since. Hubby put down her 2 syringefuls this afternoon. Talked to hospital and they said not to be concerned at this point as she is going to the bathroom.

Doctor will call in the morning. Guess he will call daily--he did this a.m. and was surprised he called on a saturday and hospital said he would automatically call in the a.m.

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Day 23--she's feeling better and bored!!!

Symptoms of Syringomyelia - also known as SM

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